Inventory & Check-In

Inventory & Check In

The most commonly used service as advised by the governing body

A complete and comprehensive report itemising its fixtures and fittings, contents and an overall condition of the property. The report will also highlight the general cleanliness of the property, will include meter readings at the start of the tenancy, it will also confirm that the smoke alarms and CO2 alarms have been tested and are in working order as well as make a note of the number of keys to be handed over to the tenants.

As part of this service, our clerk will meet with the Tenants at the property on the day of their move in, so that the Check-In process is complete. Should the Tenants not be available for the Check-In, they can collect the keys from us in person.

The report will then be sent over to the Tenants for review where they will have 7 days to respond back should they wish to make any amendments or have any further comments to make. The comments will be reviewed against any photographs that the Tenants may wish to send in to us, if acceptable, we will make the adequate changes to the report highlighting the comments made by the Tenants, the report is then ready to be signed by both the Landlord and Tenant/s.

Our in-depth reports are ready within 24-48 hours.

Our FAQ's

• Description of the fixtures and fittings along with photographic evidence

• Cleanliness of the property and any fixtures/fittings

• Smoke alarms and CO2 detectors tested and in working/non-working order

• Number of keys handed to Tenants

• Windows, blinds, curtains, doors and flooring checked

• Kitchen cabinets, utensils/pots (if any)

• White goods listed and tested (model/serial numbers will be provided)

• Locks tested and in working/non-working order

• Any defects will be highlighted

• Any actions for repair will be specified

• Meter readings provided as per the start of the tenancy (serial number of the meters will be provided)

It is not necessary for Tenants to be present during this process, however, we would prefer if they were in order to give them an opportunity to meet our clerk to handover the keys.

Upon completion of the inspection, the clerk will review the report to ensure that it is all clear and concise. All photographic evidence will be checked indivdiually to ensure that they have been taken correcly and are clear to view. The report will need to be typed up and finalised. It will then be sent to the office for the final check before it is shared with the Landlord and Tenant/s. The report will be sent via email and can be viewed, saved and signed by either party.

Usually, we have a 48 hour turnaround, though we do have requests that require the report to be submitted within 24 hours. Should you need this to be sent to you urgently, please let us know and we will arrange this at no additional cost.

Yes, both parties will have an opportunity to make any comments they feel are adequate. Should Tenants wish to comment on any of the clerks assessment or photos taken, they can do so via the Additional Comments section of the report. The revised version will then be assessed by the clerk to confirm they are appropriate, once agreed, an updated document/link will be sent via email.

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