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Why Mid-Term Property Inspections are important

Sunday 2nd July 2023

Doing an inventory at the start of the tenancy and a Check-Out at the end, is not sufficient. Although they are extremely detailed and are there to help a landlord to be reimbursed for any damages caused by the tenants, these reports are not always beneficial on their own. A mid-term or periodic inspection report is always overlooked or neglected. They are great for supporting a successful tenancy. These reports are constructed through a property visit that is carried out by our Property Managers. It is recommended that such inspections take place every 6 months, or on some rare cases, every 4 months. These visits are quick, non-intrusive and a legal way of inspecting the properties you manage. They can…

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Will I Be Charged For Cleaning At The End Of My Tenancy?

Tuesday 25th April 2023

Most tenants tend to leave the property in pretty good condition, however, they still worry if their deposit will be deducted if they do not organise a professional en od tenancy clean. So to ensure that you receive as much of your deposit back, continue reading the useful information below. Your Contract Before you check-out of your property, it would be a wise idea to take out the tenancy agreement and look at the contract you signed before you first moved in. There should be a clause in the agreement that outlines your responsibility as the tenant/s and what is required of you at the end of the tenancy i.e. it should state what condition the property must be left in when…

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Tenancy Disputes Going In Favour of Landlords

Wednesday 11th January 2023

Research suggests that since the Tenant Deposit Scheme was first introduced in 2007, the number of Landlord and Agents being awarded 100% of the disputed deposit amount has risen quite significantly. The Tenancy Deposit Scheme Yearly Review 2015 demonstrates that 19.8% of the disputes resulted in 100% of these being paid out to the Landlords, while 19.2% of the disputes raised resulted in 100% payouts being made to the Tenants. The remaining 61% of the cases were split between both parties. Previously, most of the deposit disputes had gone in the favour of the Tenants where their deposit was returned to them in full than those that were returned back to the Landlords and or Agents. The reason being is that the…

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Why An Inventory Is Important

Friday 21st October 2022

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant renting out a property, having an inventory inspection carried out is crucial. It is the second most important document that you will require alongside your Tenancy Agreement. Not all Tenants understand the importance of this report and the role it plays at the end of their tenancy. It should be in the interest of both the Landlord and the Tenant that an inventory inspection is booked prior to the Tenancy moving into the property. For the Landlord, it provides that security that should there be any damages caused to the property, its fixtures of fittings, that any deductions are made from the deposit. For the Tenant, it also provides a security and…

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Landlord's Responsibilities Before Renting Out Their Property

Sunday 28th August 2022

As a Landlord, you must ensure your property is ready for any new Tenants. Attracting the most responsible and careful Tenant's is vitally important. In order to achieve this, you must present them with a property that is clean, carefully cared for, and in pristine condition. The image you set at the start is the image that will be obeyed during the entire tenancy. 1. Health or Safety Checks/Repair Any Damage At the end of each tenancy and before any new tenancy, it is essential for any Landlord or Agent to carry out all necessary safety checks to ensure the property is safe to reside in. The property will also need to be checked for any signs of mold. All smoke alarms…

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Tips For Protecting Your Rented Property

Tuesday 17th May 2022

Inventory reports are crucial if you are renting your property out to tenants as you would like to be protected should there be any damages caused to your property or its contents and you would like to raise a dispute at the end of the tenancy if either party does not come to an agreement on the discrepancies and deductions. Tip 1: If you are a private Landlord or if you are renting your property out through an agent, you should consider utilising the service of an independent inventory clerk, one that offers high-quality, detailed and unbiased reports. On most occasions, Letting Agents tend to recommend a cheap inventory services company as to avoid paying a lot of money for…

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Cleaning Tips for Tenants

Tuesday 8th February 2022

On most occasions, Tenants choose to do their own end of tenancy cleaning, although there is no issue with that, however there are a few things that you may want to know. Below are a few tips from our specialists: 1. The return of your security deposit depends highly on the condition of the proeprty once the tenancy has ended. 2. As a Tenant, you are required by your Landlord or Agent to undergo your own cleaning, unless there is a specific clause on your Tenancy Agreement that states otherwise. Depending on the Landlord, there are instances where you would be required to have the curtains and carpets professionally cleaned. 3. Tenants must be made aware of the length of time it takes…

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Deposit Protection Regulations

Sunday 7th November 2021

Tenancy Deposit Protection was first introduced in 2007. It is a legal requirement for all Assured Shorthold Tenancies to have their deposit protected by a governing body. This is so that all Tenants and Landlords are treated fairly at the end of the tenancy. The Landlord has a legal requirement to insure that a tenant's deposit within the first 30 days of the start of your tenancy. This is a vital piece of legislation which works very closely with a professionally constructed inventory check-in and check-out report. Without these documents, it would be difficult for a Landlord or Tenant to prove/make any claims on any disrepairs/discrepancies if they were not highlighted by an independent inventory company. Should there not be an…

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Right To Rent Checks - July 2021- Landlords Beware!

Thursday 17th June 2021

As we are aware, Right to Rent checks have been around since 2014. These checks are predominately there, to ensure that anyone who rents a property in the UK has the right to do so. As a result of Britain's exit from the EU, Right to Rent requirements for EEA citizens (this includes EU, EEA and Swiss citizens) have changed, as of 1st July 2021. An EEA citizen already living here will need to obtain immigration status under the EU Settlement Scheme giving them either "Settled Status" (permanent right to rent) or "Pre-Settled Status" (time limited right to rent). They can no longer rely on an EEA passport or national identity card to prove their right to rent. A landlord…

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